1. Open Homestead program

2. Log on to program using assigned user name and password.

3. Choose site, (not individual page yet) to edit.

4. Click File-Open, or File-Open Recent if this was a page you had previously opened.

5. Choose page listed in drop down box. These pages usually coincide to the individual page/ links names. If labeled differently (or do not see page in which to edit, please refer to actual website for clarification) for page to edit.

6. Home/Index is usually going to be the first page in a site.

7. Click on page, and hit OK.

8. Maximize screen for viewing purposes.

9. Use mouse to specifically point to text to edit, click mouse once.

10. You can either drag the mouse over the specific text, cut, copy, paste, or just type to enter new text. If border is around text, drag border away from text to edit.

11. If mistakes are made, click edit-undo, this can be pressed multiple times to go back to original text.

12. As well there is a text editor on right hand side, for changing font, color, size, and positions of.

13. Once text editing is complete, click the mouse again to exit out of that specific text.

14. Click Save, at top of screen. Then click preview on bottom left hand screen. Preview can also be clicked before text is saved.

15. If preview is satisfactory then press Publish (next to save). One can either publish this specific page or all pages. If no changes were made to any other page at this time, it is not necessary. It will just take longer to publish (won't hurt). Once published, it will automatically pull up the web site for viewing. As well a Help tab is provided within this program. This tab will allow you to view specific subjects pertaining to editing.